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About Immigration Portal

We have provided this Immigration Portal to assist new residents of our country and town adjust to living in our beautiful, eco-friendly and vibrant community. Whether you are here to study, work, or considering living in our community, the provided information will hopefully answer all your questions and provide direction for your needs. I hope it gives you an insight into our culture, people, and town services. If you have any questions not answered in this web site, please feel free to Contact Us for more information.

Key Facts

Today, Marystown is a bustling community, the largest on the Burin Peninsula. With an abundance of Industrial, Social, and Recreational features, the Marystown area is a prime location for development of World-Class Marine infrastructure. Some notable points of interest include:

- Incorporated on December 18, 1951.
- Population: 5436 (2006 Census)
- The largest concentration of skilled trades persons on the Peninsula
- The largest warehouse capacities on the Peninsula
- Next day Air Freight service from mainland Canada
- The largest hotel and conference center on the Burin Peninsula
- The widest variety of banking and financial companies on the Burin Peninsula
- The highest availability of housing and rental units on the Burin Peninsula
- The largest Primary, Secondary and Post Secondary Institutions on the Peninsula
- The largest recreational complexes on the Burin Peninsula
- The largest Offshore Fabrication Facility on the South Coast of Newfoundland
- The largest fish processing plant and deep-sea fleet in Newfoundland
- Many Regional Government services are based in Marystown
- The largest and highest number of shopping and retail outlets on the Peninsula
- The largest and most modern Fire Department on the Burin Peninsula
- Airport services within 15 minutes of Marystown boundaries
- Burin Peninsula Health Care Center is adjacent to Marystown in Burin
- All highways and main roads on the Burin Peninsula pass through Marystown
- 306 Kms from St. John’s – Capital of Newfoundland and Labrador

A Brief History

Marystown has a long history of shipbuilding and service rooted in the 1800's, though the town was known simply as Mortier Bay until 1909. The town is situated on a wide harbour, Mortier Bay, which is considered to be one of the largest ice-free harbours in eastern North America. Marystown was attractive to early settlers because of this ideal harbour, nearness to the fishing grounds, good farmland and availability of timber for ship construction. Among the first vessels built in Marystown were 20-30 ton fishing schooners during the 1840's.

During World War II, the first and only warships built in Newfoundland were completed in Marystown. The Commission of Government ordered for Minesweepers be built to serve in the British Fleet. The vessels were constructed at the future site of the Marystown Shipyard.
Mortier Bay also served a strategic role during the war, and was the site selected to evacuate the Royal Family and regroup the British Navy in the event of German invasion of Britain.

In 1967, Marystown Shipyard facility opened for business. The Shipyard has constructed a variety of vessels including fishing trawlers, harbour tugs, car ferries, anchor handling tugs, dive support ships and offshore supply vessels.
In 1982, Mortier Bay was a safe haven for several offshore drilling rigs, evacuated from the Grand Banks after the Ocean Ranger disaster. Mortier Bay was also homeport for rescue and recovery vessels involved in the aftermath.

Currently the Shipyard and Cow Head facility, a state-of-the-art offshore fabrication site, are owned and operated by Kiewit Offshore Services.

Geography & Climate



Marystown is located on the southern part of the Burin Peninsula. Marystown is surrounded by beautiful maritime barrens, breath taking scenery of hills, mountains and lakes. Hunting, fishing, camping and ATV/Snowmobile enthusiasts frequent the densely wooded areas.

Climate - Marystown averages 12.4 precipitation throughout the year with yearly temperatures during the winter months of -5. Spring and summer temperatures average 16 degrees.

Language - Marystown and its surrounding areas is a mainly English speaking area. Although you will find many varieties and dialects spoken. French too of course is available in all Canadian Government Services as it is the second official language in Canada.

Cost of Living - The cost of living in Marystown, Newfoundland is relatively inexpensive.
Housing ranges from 80,000 to $250,000, rental properties are available at an average of $500 to $750 per month. The cost of a liter of gasoline averages $1.07. A fine-dining experience would cost approximately $50.00/person. Tax Rate (HST) of 13%