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The Town of Marystown is the focal point of the Burin Peninsula offering many attractions and business opportunities.  Ours is a vibrant and progressive community with varied industry, recreation programs, and a multitude of services.  Marystown is a community with a deep and proud history beginning in the Fishery and continuing with the Shipyard.  Today, Marystown is a bustling community of almost 5,500 people and is the Regional Centre of the Burin Peninsula. Welcome to our town...we look forward to seeing you soon!

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The shield for the flag was taken directly from the Coat of Arms. The following is a small explanation of the items seen on the flag.

1. The colours in the flag are green and gold. Green has been the traditional colour of Marystown and gold was used to reflect the colours of the Coat of Arms.

2. The gold wavy lines at the top of the shield represent the waves that continually wash on the shores of Mortier Bay.

3. The ships wheel in the center signifies the shipbuilding industry and, of course, the fishing industry, which are the mainstays of the economy of our community.

4. The three small gold drops that surround the wheel represent the "black gold" or the oil that is off our shores. And we hope the beginning of very prosperous times for all of Marystown. 

The Coat of Arms consists of six parts:

1. The base of the Coat of Arms is an island of rocky shores which represents the island of Newfoundland in which Marystown is located.

2. The vegetation on the island is mainly the English rose, the fleur-de-lis, the shamrock and the pitcher plant. The pitcher plant is the provincial flower of Newfoundland. The three other flowers represent the English and Irish from the 1800's and the French and Basques fishermen from the 16th and 17th centuries, who originally settled the town. The fleur-de-lis also alludes to the Virgin Mary, after whom the town was named.

3. The shield is explained above.

4. The shield sits on the island and is supported on each side by two people, representative of the two main occupations of the town, a fish plant worker and a ship fitter, in typical garb. These two industries have supported our town since the beginning.

5. At the top of the shield sits a crown, which signifies our attachment to the British Colonies.

6. The lighthouse, which sits within the crown, represents what Marystown has been and will continue to be: a 'safe harbour' for all who live, work or visit.

MOTTO: UBI INCREMENTUM EST VIA VITAE is a Latin phrase meaning...
 "Where Growth Is A Way Of Life".


Key Facts 


Today, Marystown is a bustling community, the largest on the Burin Peninsula. With an abundance of Industrial, Social, and Recreational features, the Marystown area is a prime location for development of World-Class Marine infrastructure. Some notable points of interest include:

- Incorporated on December 18, 1951.
- Population: 5436 (2006 Census)
- The largest concentration of skilled trades persons on the Peninsula
- The largest warehouse capacities on the Peninsula
- Next day Air Freight service from mainland Canada
- The largest hotel and conference center on the Burin Peninsula
- The widest variety of banking and financial companies on the Burin Peninsula
- The highest availability of housing and rental units on the Burin Peninsula
- The largest Primary, Secondary and Post Secondary Institutions on the Peninsula
- The largest recreational complexes on the Burin Peninsula
- The largest Offshore Fabrication Facility on the South Coast of Newfoundland
- The largest fish processing plant and deep-sea fleet in Newfoundland
- Many Regional Government services are based in Marystown
- The largest and highest number of shopping and retail outlets on the Peninsula
- The largest and most modern Fire Department on the Burin Peninsula
- Airport services within 15 minutes of Marystown boundaries
- Burin Peninsula Health Care Center is adjacent to Marystown in Burin
- All highways and main roads on the Burin Peninsula pass through Marystown
- 306 Kms from St. John’s – Capital of Newfoundland and Labrador

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